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How Does It Work?
ChaCha has thousands of funny and informative galleries, quizzes, and other highly engaging, rich content pieces across hundreds of different categories like automotive, health, technology, sports, shopping and much more. After joining the ChaCha Affiliate Program for free, you simply share or post the content you like the best on your blog, twitter, or share it with your friends on social profiles. As people click on the content, you make money! It's really that simple!
How much money can I make?
We have many affiliates making thousands of dollars every day for tweeting and posting fun ChaCha content. One of our affiliates posted four galleries throughout a day and made over $2,000 in a single day! The funny and attention-grabbing headlines for ChaCha content catch a user's attention far better than a random ad. Our click-through rates are much higher because ChaCha content is fun, providing you with a very high return!
How is this different than sponsored advertisements?
Your users can take only so many advertisements before they get frustrated and stop following you or stop listening to your message. But ChaCha's fun, informative and humorous content is highly engaging for your users. Our affiliates often see increases in followers because they're sharing relevant and funny content, not some ad trying to get you to buy something. We see higher click-through rates because ChaCha content is entertaining. Think about it - you share fun stuff, not ads, and get paid for it!
What kind of content can I use?
After you join the ChaCha Affiliate Program, we can provide you with hundreds of promotable content pieces that fit your audience. In fact, if you tell us what type of content works best for you, we'll create more of it specifically for you! We can work very closely with our affiliates to create content that best fits your audience, and generate the most money for you!